Month: February 2014

5 useful websites for mums-to-be

When I was expecting Rhys I bought and read quite a pile of books on pregnancy, birth and babies.  I loved immersing myself in all that information!

This time round I just haven’t had the time to read any books cover-to-cover, but there have still been loads of moments when I’ve wanted information or reassurance about my pregnancy.  On these occasions I’ve turned to the good ol’ internet and these websites in particular:

All 5 of these sites are full of information, you can find answers to pretty much any questions you might have about pregnancy, birth and coping with a baby!  But you can also find interesting and fun articles to keep you entertained and take your mind off any niggles you might have.  They are also good for reading in the middle of the night when pregnancy insomnia strikes!

Are there any other sites you visit a lot for info/advice about pregnancy and parenting?  Leave me a comment below and let me know, I’d love to have some new online places to check out!

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6 baby/toddler words I’ll miss

With baby number 2 on her way any day now, I’ve been really noticing how grown up Rhys seems these days.  The last few months he’s been gradually losing more and more baby and toddler habits and turning into a real ‘little boy’.

While this makes me really happy and proud and reassures me that he’ll cope well with the arrival of a baby sister, it’s also a bit bittersweet.  He’s still my baby and I’m not sure I’m ready for him to take these steps into childhood!  I sometimes wish we could hold on to these toddler moments just a bit longer.  But I know I have to let him grow and learn, and part of that involves teaching him the right words and pronunciation for things, even though my heart aches each time he drops another toddler word!

So, for no other reason than to help me remember these little things, here is a list of 6 baby/toddler words that I’ll miss as my first baby grows up:

1) Biccus – this was Rhys’ word for biscuit for the longest time.  For some reason this is the one that hit me the hardest, I almost cried when I first heard him say the word properly!

2) Fire Gerine (Fire Engine) – one of three words that he had trouble with and seemed to mix up the syllables of.  

3) Med-nis (Medicine) – the second of his mixed-up words.

4) Bike-a-sol (Bicycle) – He still has trouble with this one and I love the fact that he keeps trying rather than just calling it a bike!

5) Crappers (Crackers) – makes me smile every time he asks to have ‘cheese and crappers’ for lunch!  

6) What’s that smell? – Rhys’ way of asking “what does that spell?” after reading the letters of a word.  R-E-D….what’s that smell?  Red!  Love it.

Did anyone else out there find it hard when their little ones starting dropping baby words?  What was the hardest for you to let go of?!  Leave me a comment below and let me know – I’d love to know I’m not alone in this!

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Mabbett family, baby portrait session, Swansea

“I’m not quite ready yet!” 

Those were the first words I heard when I arrived at the Mabbett’s house for their family/baby portrait session; and as I ventured into the house I was greeted by the sight of Gemma with an iron in her hand trying to get a sleepsuit ready for the star of the session.

My first thoughts? “Now these are people I will get along with!”.  

That relaxed introduction pretty much set the tone for the whole session and we chatted and laughed our way through the next two hours and the images below are the result!  

Gemma and Ian are just so in love with their gorgeous boy they spent a lot of the session just gazing at him, and barely seemed to notice me snapping away, which is just the way I like it!  
And who could blame them for just wanting to stare at that little face?!
This little man was just an absolute star!  He was so content and a natural in front of the camera, I just love his cheeky expressions.  
Can I just admit how jealous I was when Gemma produced this blanket, I really wanted to have one for Rhys when he was a baby!  But, jealousy aside, I was really pleased that they had it as it worked so well to create these colourful portraits!
I just had to include these ‘out-take’ photos from towards the end of the session, proving it’s really not the end of the world if baby has a bit of a melt-down, everyone just has to have a sense of humour about it! 
And I had to finish with my favourite image from the session!
I had such a great time getting to know this lovely family and feel so lucky to have been invited into their home to capture this amazing time in their lives, and I was so touched to get a message from Gemma later that day letting me know how much fun they’d had too!

If you would like a portrait session of your own please get in touch!  I’d love to hear from you!

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10 on 10 project – January 2014

So, after committing to a project 365 last year I decided to look for a slightly less demanding project for 2014.  I’m really proud of completing the project in 2013 and love the record of the year that I’ve ended up with, but I know that with a busy toddler and a new baby coming very soon I wouldn’t necessarily be able to keep up with a 365 again.

I had a great time exploring Pinterest looking for inspiration for a different project and finally decided on a 10 on 10 project.  There seem to be a few versions of this project, but the one I’m going for involves taking 10 photos of day-to-day life on the 10th of every month.  I’m hoping it’ll be nice and manageable but still give me a nice record at the end of the year of what our life was like in 2014!

So lets get started with my 10 on 10 for January!

January was all about ABCs (again and again and again!), a little bit of house-organising and nesting, new placemats for family meals at the table, colourful drawings, special time with the boy and a balance of healthy fruit juice and yummy microwave chocolate cake!
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