Month: June 2014

Women wanted for maternity photo sessions in Swansea

**UPDATE – this offer is now closed.  Thank you to all the people who have contacted me and expressed an interest in the sessions!**
This isn’t a ‘model call’ this is a ‘real people call’!  I’m bringing a new element into my portrait photography sessions and I am offering 3 free maternity photo sessions to help me on this journey.
In short, I’m looking for three women who are currently pregnant, ideally with September due dates.  

Here’s what I am offering:

  • A free, on-location photo session in Swansea
  • Pre-session chats to discuss exactly what we’ll be doing and to help you prepare
  • Selection and editing of images
  • 5 digital images on a USB for you to keep (you’ll have the option of buying prints as well, priced at my standard rates)

I’ve always been interested in capturing the relationships between people in the photos I take.  I love pictures where people are looking at each other and smiling rather than looking at me with their ‘photo smile’!  I’m now looking to go further with this approach and am looking for people to help me.

In particular, I’m looking for pregnant women (preferably in their third trimester) and their partners.  

The approach I’m taking is perfect for people who aren’t normally comfortable having their picture taken as it’s less about posing and smiling for the camera and more about taking some time out with people you love, reconnecting and having some fun.  The aim is for you to almost forget me and my camera are there!  

There are only three of these free maternity portrait sessions available though, so if you’re interested please send me a message through my ‘get in touch’ page or through Facebook as soon as possible, including your name, age, due date and email address.

And please share this with anyone else that you think would be interested!

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10 on 10 project – May 2014

Nearly up to date with this year’s personal photo project!  
The 10th of May 2014 brought attempts to teach Nerys to take a bottle so we don’t run into trouble further down the line when I need to be able to leave her for more than a few hours, it also brought cuddles, new toys to play with, thumb-sucking, hiding from the windy spring weather and bathtime fun! 
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10 on 10 project – March & April 2014

I’ve almost caught up with editing and posting the photos from my 10 on 10 project, so here are months 3 and 4!

March 2014

So what did the 10th of March bring?  It brought an 11 day old baby girl, all delicate fingers and sweet baby features.  It brought flowers and cuddles from grandparents.  And it brought quick pasta dinners and silliness with fishing nets!  Normal life doesn’t stop quite so much after the birth of your second child, there’s an older child still needing to be entertained!

April 2014

And April saw Daddy going back to work and me learning how to juggle two little people by myself, which involves a good dose of coffee every day (luckily Nerys doesn’t seem to be sensitive to caffeine!).  It saw quiet days at home; playing with cars with the boy and enjoying cuddles with baby girl.  
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