Month: November 2014


There have been Thanksgiving messages all over my Facebook feed and filling up my inbox today from all the American people and businesses I follow, and it’s made me think of this:
It’s so easy to focus on the negative side of things that I love the reminder here that there is always something to be thankful for!

For me at the moment?  I’m thankful for all the nights of broken sleep because it means I have 2 children who love and need me!

What are you thankful for that might, at first glance, not look like a good thing? 

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Photo panels – a simply beautiful display option.

I’m really excited to introduce you all to the simply beautiful photo panel – a brand new display option that’s now available if you book a Lifestyle or Beloved portrait photo session with me in Swansea.
I had a few of these panels on my stand at the recent Family Fair at the National Waterfront Museum, just as a way of displaying more of my work, and they were so popular with everyone that I have decided to offer them as another print option (along with the gallery prints, canvas wraps and wood panels that are currently available).
The panels have a beautiful glossy finish, with subtle rounded corners, that make them a really gorgeous choice if you want to display your images on a desk at work or on the mantelpiece at home.

They are available in two sizes – 7×5 and 10×8 – and are a striking alternative to the usual framed prints of the same size.

Aren’t they just beautiful?!  They would also make a great present if you’re thinking of sending photos from your portrait session to friends or relatives.
Would you like to see your family’s smiling faces on photo panels like these?  Then please do get in touch to discuss booking a session – I’d love to hear from you!

You can get in touch with me here!

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10 on 10 project – September 2014

I’m a bit behind on posting my 10 on 10 photos again, but it’s been really nice going through pictures that feel summery on such a wet and windy day!
So, what did the 10th September bring us?

Morning naps and jumperoo-ing, finally moving baby girl from the crib to her cot, a grown up boy in his school uniform, and lots and lots of raspberries!

October and November’s photos to follow soon! 

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A Monday quote

My parents have a fridge magnet with this quote on and (since I was old enough to get it) it’s always made me laugh!
Are there any quotes (funny or otherwise) that have stuck with you over the years?  I’d love to hear them in the comments!
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A trip to Brynmill park – Swansea lifestyle photography

It got to 11.30 yesterday morning and Nerys, for one reason or another, still hadn’t gone down for a nap. I’m going to blame teething.  If in doubt as to what is bothering your baby, always just blame teething!

So, rather than get worked up about trying to get her to sleep in the house, I decided to pop her in the buggy, get Rhys ready and quickly head down to Brynmill park for a run around.  And I decided to bring the camera along for the first time in ages to get some fun, natural lifestyle images of them.  

I love taking a lifestyle approach to photographing my children, it’s much more relaxed than when I try to get them to look at me and smile and the images it produces really show their personalities!

I let Rhys take the lead when we got to the park so, of course, we headed straight for the swings.  He had a great time climbing the rope ladder and going down the helter skelter slide.  So much so that, when it was time to go, we had to negotiate how many more times he could do it before we had to leave.  

My opening offer was 2 more goes.  

He countered with 100.  Either he doesn’t get bartering or he’s a genius at it!

When we’d decided he’d had enough goes on the slide we made a move to the other side of the park to feed the ducks.  This was where I had one of those parenting moments of realising that my baby boy really is starting to grow up.  He asked if he could go and get the duck food from the kiosk by himself.  He REALLY didn’t want me to go with him!  So I sat and watched and had a quiet proud moment as he ran over and did his thing.  

He then proceeded to feed the pigeons more than the ducks, but hey, does that really matter?

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