Month: April 2015

Beloved maternity portrait session – Hannah and Mike

These portraits are from a Beloved maternity session that I did last year in Singleton Park in Swansea, with the lovely Hannah and Mike.

They were so open to the whole Beloved concept and got some gorgeous images as a result (it also didn’t hurt that Hannah is pretty gorgeous anyway!).

Part of the beauty of Beloved is that it takes the pressure off ‘having your photo taken’.  The focus is almost completely on each other, not me.  Hannah and Mike got to spend a couple of hours chatting, laughing and connecting with each other.

We started off with some light-hearted conversation and then moved to a calmer, more intimate space.  It was so beautiful how much love these two had for each other and their baby, and I felt so privileged to be able to witness this part of their journey.  

I could go on and on about this couple and their fab Beloved session, but I’ll let the images tell the rest of the story!
Oh, also, that gorgeous bump turned out to be a beautiful baby girl – congratulations Hannah and Mike!

If you’d like learn more about Beloved you can read about it here and if you would love to experience Beloved for yourself then please contact me here to discuss booking a session!

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This is what 4 looks like!

2 years ago I wrote this post on my son’s second birthday, describing the little boy he was turning into.  And now that little boy has just turned four, which feels so strange!

So much has changed in the last two years.  He’s become a big brother.  And he’s taken it completely in his stride.  There may be the odd bit of shouting when she messes with his toys, but man alive does he love his baby sister.

He’s also started nursery school.  5 mornings a week he happily dresses in his little school uniform and goes off to play and learn with his new friends.  I am so proud of the way he’s adapted to school life.

He’s turned into a really creative child.  He loves to do cutting and sticking and will happily play with play dough for ages.

So much more though, has stayed the same.  The personality that was there at 2 is still the same.  He is still an extremely affectionate child, making sure no one leaves our house without a hug and a kiss.

He’s still ‘strong-willed’ but you can at least reason with him these days!

He is still a puzzle whizz, although he’s moved on from the lift-out puzzles he was doing at 2.  His brain must just work a certain way that lets him ‘get’ puzzles.  He completed a 100 piece jigsaw the other day (by himself) in about 20 minutes!  

He still loves numbers and can count to 100 with a little bit of help!  He also loves writing his letters and is enjoying learning to sound out words at school.

He is growing into a lively, friendly, thoughtful child and I’m loving watching it all happen!

Happy birthday Rhys! 
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Happy St George’s day

I’ve lived in Swansea for almost 15 years now, and am really happy to call it home.  I’m also really happy for Rhys and Nerys to be Welsh and will happily tick that box on any forms for them!  But, I was born and raised in England and do still consider myself very much ‘English’.  I also want to make sure that my children are aware of the English side of their family history!  And so my parents always make a point of sending cards and t shirts to me and the children every year, making sure we can celebrate St George’s day in style!
Happy St George’s day everyone!
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Swansea Spring family fair

Last Sunday was the Spring family fair, organised by the fab girls at Pear Tree Classes in Swansea.  I’ve had a stand at all three of the fairs they’ve organised and this was the biggest one yet.  It took over the ground floor of the National Waterfront Museum, which meant there was plenty of room for all the stands as well as activities to keep the visiting children busy!

This was my stand all set up with my samples of the gorgeous wall art you can order after a portrait photo session with me in Swansea!  

And this was my view from behind my table; coffee from the cafe at the museum and a delicious brownie waiting to be eaten from one of the stalls at the Marina market!
Holly and Amber from Pear Tree Classes did an amazing job organising the event; they even arranged a treasure hunt around the fair which everyone seemed to really enjoy!  If you’re a parent, or parent-to-be, in Swansea you should definitely go and check out Pear Tree.  They offer antenatal classes, pregnancy social evenings and a load of play sessions for babies and young children.
The day before the fair I was trying to think of something I could do to make my stand a bit more fun, seeing as that’s the way my family portrait sessions are designed to be!  And luckily I had a moment of inspiration and thought of running a competition on the day to see if anyone could guess how many jelly beans were in a jar, with the closest guess winning a mini portrait session.
The competition was a big hit with visitors to the fair and the jar of jelly beans has been an even bigger hit with Rhys.  There were 297 beans in the jar, and the closest guess was 300 which I thought was a pretty good effort!  That guess was by Louise Beckett, who should by now have had an email to let her know she won.  If you’re reading this – I’m really looking forward to organising your session Louise!

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International haiku poetry day 

Today is international haiku poetry day!  So, to celebrate, I wrote this little haiku:
Kids are being cute,
quickly go grab the camera.
Too late, they’ve stopped. Damn.

Pretty much sums up my experience with my own children a lot of the time!

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Family portrait project – February 2015

Month 2 of my personal photo project for 2015.  I decided to go for something a bit different this month and so, to celebrate Nerys having her first proper pair of shoes, I went for a set of photos of my family’s feet!

I have a feeling that by the time Rhys and Nerys are teenagers I’ll have the smallest feet in our family!

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