Month: September 2015

Photography tip of the week – use the rule of thirds

Photography tip of the week – use the rule of thirds

This week’s tip focuses on one of the first rules of photo composition – the rule of thirds.

I’ve written before about stopping and thinking a bit before you snap a shot of your family, and it really does help to make your photos so much more visually appealing.

When you’re taking a photo of a single subject, think about how you compose the photo before you take it.  The natural instinct is often to place the subject right in the middle of the photo.

Instead of doing this, imagine your frame being split into thirds and try to place your main subject on one of the lines, like in this example below.  Some cameras actually have a setting that puts a grid over the image you see as you take the photo, which is a really useful feature!

What you want to do is place your subject on one of the lines on the grid, and if you can get a key point of interest on one of the intersections then even better!

So, in the photo above the little girl is placed in the right-hand third of the image, and her eyes are placed right at the point where the lines intersect.  In portraits we tend to want to draw the focus to the person’s eyes, and placing them on the intersection here really helps to pull our attention to them.

Of course, there are loads of instances when it works really well to place your subject right in the middle of the frame.  But the rule of thirds is a key rule of composition for a reason – it really does make images more appealing and interesting!

Go have a try, and please do share your photos with me on my Facebook page, I’d love to see them!

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New pricing structure – Beloved portrait photography in Swansea

The weather is definitely shifting here in Swansea, Autumn is on its way!  I don’t know about you but I always feel like making changes and having a bit of a fresh start at this time of year.

Something about the new school year makes it feel like a perfect time to review things and shake things up a bit, like a more relaxed version of the resolutions we all make on January 1st. 

So I’ve been reviewing the way I do things in my photography business.  

I’m a huge believer in the importance of taking photos of ourselves and our loved ones.  I also feel it’s incredibly important to actually print and display those photos, and I strongly encourage you to let me take care of ordering prints and wall art for you after your session to make sure your images are the very best they can possibly be!

But, I also know that you want to have your photos as digital files so that you can share them on social media, email them to family that live far away and maybe create your own photo books and calendars to give as presents.

So I’ve created 3 simple session options, ranging from the fabulous full Beloved experience to a fun little taster session, so there’s something for everyone!  

You can read all about the 3 options on my ‘about pricing’ page, so head over there now to get all the information!

I’m really excited about these changes and am looking forward to providing beautiful images to more couples and families in Swansea to keep, print and share with their loves ones.

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Photography tip of the week – don’t say cheese!

Photography tip of the week – don’t say cheese!

I’ve got a quick, light-hearted tip for you this week.  When you’re taking photos of your young children, don’t ask them to say ‘cheese’.  And for the grandparents out there, please don’t teach your grandchildren to do this when the camera is pointed at them!

It’s too late for my daughter (thanks Pops!), but there’s still a chance for the rest of you!

I have to admit, I do actually quite like the photos I have of Nerys enthusiastically saying “cheeeeeeeeeeeese”, but they’re really not the pretty photos of her I was hoping for when I picked up the camera!

So, tip of the week, don’t get your child to say “cheese” for photos.  It’s also best not to simply ask them to smile, because then you tend to get the weird, ‘showing their teeth’ fake smile.  But that’s something for another post I think!

Do you find yourself asking people to say ‘cheese’ when you take a photo of them?!  I’d love to see your photos if they’re as funny as this one of Nerys – please do come and share them with me on my Facebook page!

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Photography tip of the week – Make one person the focus

Photography tip of the week – Make one person the focus

This is quite a nice little tip that you can use to really start making your family photos more interesting!

When you’re taking a photo of several members of your family, take some time to make just one person the main focus of a few images.

So, instead of having everyone in the photo looking at the camera and smiling, make it so that just one person is looking right at the camera and have everyone else be looking at each other.  Or keep one person in the front of the image in focus, and allow the people in the background to be blurry!

This really pulls your attention to that one person and makes them the star of the photo.
In this example, the son is absolutely the star!  The parents are snuggled in close to him, focusing all their attention on him, whilst he is peeking straight at the camera.  When you look at the photo, who are you most drawn to?!
This tip works nicely for fun shots too.  The focus of this family shot is completely on the daughter, with both her parents facing her and smiling, her laughing face straight on to the camera is completely the centre of attention.

There are a few other ways you can use this idea.  If you’re jumping in photos with your family, you can be the one to look right at the camera and then ask your children to look at you, or each other.  You could also be the one to sit still and face the camera while your children are busy playing or running around you!

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