photos to take to tell the story of your Christmas

37 photos to take to tell the story of your Christmas

I don’t always take that many photos at Christmas.  It’s a bit of a funny thing to admit as a photographer, and I’m not sure why it’s the case.

What I do know is that it’s something I want to change this year.  I want to take a bit of time this year to photograph our Christmas.  Now, I’m not talking about Christmas-card-perfect images of the family.

I would love for me, and you, to photograph so much more than that this year.

We’re talking about taking the photos that will tell the story of your Christmas.  The big picture and the little details.  The moments, the traditions, the little things.

So if you’re like me and want some inspiration to really capture Christmas this year, here’s a lovely list of ideas for photos you can take to tell the story of your Christmas:

37 photos to take to tell the story of your Christmas

The Christmas tree and decorations

  • Photos from your trip to pick out a Christmas tree
  • Wide shot of your family decorating the Christmas tree
  • Close up of little hands hanging baubles on the tree
  • Detail shots of your favourite tree ornaments
  • Detail shots of the handmade ornaments that your children brought home from school or nursery
  • Putting the angel or the star on the top of the tree
  • Wide shot of the Christmas tree lit up and decorated


Festive food and drink

  • Close ups of little hands digging in to the tin of chocolates
  • Detail shots of plates of mince pies
  • Drinking your favourite festive drink – a mug of hot chocolate, a glass of mulled wine, a takeaway cup of Christmas coffee from Costa
  • Baking Christmas cookies or mince pies
  • Detail shots of cookie cutters and festive sprinkles
  • Detail shots of special festive plates and mugs
  • Details shots of handwritten family recipes and well-loved recipe books
  • Preparing the Christmas dinner


Christmas traditions and activities

  • Making Christmas crafts and playing with festive sticker books
  • Opening a door on the advent calendar
  • Detail shots of the letter to Father Christmas being written
  • Wide shot and close ups of the letter to Father Christmas being posted
  • Visiting Father Christmas
  • Feeding the reindeer
  • Wide shot and detail shots of reading Christmas books with your children
  • Close ups of your favourite Christmas books
  • Building a gingerbread house
  • The wreath hanging on the front door
  • Detail shots of anything with the year on, or ‘baby’s first Christmas’ if you have a new addition to the family
  • Christmas eve box – the contents and the children opening them
  • Everyone in Christmas jumpers
  • The children in their new pyjamas on Christmas eve
  • Skyping with relatives and friends you won’t see in person
  • The children in their costumes for the nativity play or Christmas concert
  • Close ups of details on festive outfits.  Snowflakes and reindeer noses on Christmas jumpers.  Angel earrings and sparkly headbands.
  • The plate of food left out for Father Christmas
  • Stockings hanging up
  • Opening stockings in the morning
  • Opening presents
  • Pulling crackers during the Christmas meal


Here’s the thing.

This isn’t a list of photos you absolutely have to take.  It’s not meant to be a check list where you need to tick every item off.

What it’s meant to be is a prompt.

A reminder to think about your family’s story and the parts of Christmas that you’ll want to remember when you and your children are older.

So that you can capture those moments and details that mean the world to you.


If you’d like to print a copy of this list then please feel free to download this printable version, and share it with anyone you think might like it!

Just click on the image and a pdf version will open up in a new window for you to download and save.

37 photos to take to tell the story of your Christmas list (1)


What are your favourite things about Christmas?  Please do leave me a comment and let me know!



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