A Beloved family portrait session in Singleton Park, Swansea

Most mornings when I’m chasing Rhys into school with Nerys in tow I pass these two gorgeous girls, and they always make me smile.  Well, look at those faces, those smiles are pretty infectious!

So I was really looking forward to their family portrait session in Singleton Park, knowing that we would all have a lot of fun!

There’s a branch of the Beloved community called ‘Playful heart’ which is just perfect for family sessions like this, as it’s aimed at embracing the simply joys of childhood, and just having fun.  Victoria and her family were completely open to this approach to their portrait session, and so we jumped straight in with some little games to get them laughing together.
We’ve all got a ‘camera smile’ that we tend to do when we’re asked to pose and smile for photos.  And those smiles can be nice, but that’s it.  They’re just ‘nice’.  They don’t seem to quite make it to the eyes.

But the smiles that Beloved brings out?  They’re so far beyond ‘nice’.  They’re natural, genuine, infectious.
Don’t you think?!  I dare you to look at these gorgeous smiling faces and not start smiling yourself!

I love that these two slowed down long enough for me to grab these shots, but that you can still see that sparkle in their eyes, just that hint of mischief in there!

At all my family portrait sessions here in Swansea I aim to capture a variety of images for you to chose from, so along with group photos I like to take individual portraits that show off each family member’s features and personality just that little bit more.

I was so pleased when, towards the end of the session, Mark asked if I could take a quick few shots of just him and Victoria while the girls were busy examining the flowers in the botanical gardens.

These photos will mean so much to the girls when they’re older.  Seeing Mark and Victoria together, seeing the happiness and love between them, seeing THEM, will mean so much.

I say it every time, but please, please make the effort to exist in photos for your children!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this session, please do leave me a comment below and let me know what you think!

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