A newborn and family portrait session in Llantwit Major, South Wales

The last time I was in Llantwit Major was about 3 years ago, when I went to do a lifestyle newborn portrait session.

It poured with rain the whole time, but you wouldn’t know it from the beautiful photos we captured!  The family arranged for the photos to be taken at a lovely wooden lodge at Rosedew farm in Llantwit Major, because their house was in the middle of being renovated (so wasn’t quite picture perfect!).

Well, three years later I was delighted to be asked back for another fun, lifestyle portrait session with their newest addition!

Baby Rhodri kept me smiling the whole time I was there, because he was so much like his big brother!  They look so similar, but the main thing that made me smile was how, no matter how hard we tried, he did want to give in and go to sleep!

He was having far too much fun watching his big brother play I think!

He teased us for awhile.  Played along while he was swaddled oh-so-gently.  Kept his eyes shut while he was placed on the blanket and I got a few quick shots and then bam!  Wide awake!

But seriously, who could be upset about that when those gorgeous blue eyes are gazing at you?!

I love that we were able to get such a great mix of portraits of the gorgeous baby Rhodri and the wonderfully lively bundle of energy that is Dewi!

Lifestyle sessions like this are really laid back and so much fun, I mean, look at those smiling faces!

At-home family portrait sessions like this are just perfect if you have a busy toddler (who most likely wouldn’t want to sit nicely for photos in a studio), as they’re in their own environment, with all their things.  This leads to a relaxed, happy child and authentic, joyful images!

Having portraits taken at home is also great for newborn photos, whether you’re a first time mum (when the thought of having to organise yourself enough to leave the house for a photo session is just way too much!) or a second/third/fourth time mum (when the thought of having to entice older children into being good at a studio is just waaaay too much!).

Interested in an at-home family session of your own?  They’re great this time of year to capture some wonderful moments away from the cold and wet out there in South Wales!  Get in touch today to discuss booking a session!

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