Ideas for family autumn photo session

9 activity ideas for your family photo session this autumn

When did you last have photos taken of you and your family?

You might think that autumn isn’t the best time of year for photos, with the warm, blue sky days of summer behind us.  The thing is, with the documentary approach that I take to your family photo session the time of year is almost irrelevant.

The aim isn’t to take pretty, styled photos.

It’s to tell your story.

So take a minute to think about what it is about your life at the moment that you want to document.  Think about the things you love to do as a family, the little routines and habits and activities that might be gone by next summer.  Don’t wait for the perfect season, or the perfect moment for your photo session.  That moment is now.  The time to document your family as it is right now, is right now.

If you’re not sure what you would want to do as a family during an autumn photo session in Swansea, then here are nine ideas to inspire you: 

9 activity ideas for your family photos this autumn


If you and your family are most comfortable at home, then you can have your photo session there. 

Here are some ideas for activities you can plan at home for your photo session this autumn:


Play at home

A great at-home option is to simply play.

This is a lovely option for children of all ages.  Young babies can explore their play mats, have some tummy time or bounce in their jumperoo.  These toys will be packed away or passed on before long so it’s lovely to capture photos of your baby when they’re still little enough to use them.

Older children can play with their dolls, or play a board game together.

Have a think about what their favourite toy or game is and we can build a session around that.


Get crafty

If you’d rather have a more structured activity planned then getting the arts and crafts box out is a fun option.

It might be a finger-painting session, home-made play dough or just getting the lego out and seeing who can build the biggest tower.

autumn photo session arts and crafts at home


Do some baking

If you’re not really a crafty family but still prefer the idea of a photo session at home, then you could do some baking instead.

Get everyone involved in making some simple fairy cakes or biscuits.  It’s great fun, makes for some lovely natural photos and you all get to eat the treats afterwards!


For families who want to get out and about for their autumn photo session there are loads of options around central Swansea. 

Here are some of my favourites:


Head to the beach

Who says the beach is just for the summer?

I absolutely love it all year round and Swansea bay is a great place for family photos in autumn.

The beach tends to be quite quiet so you’ll have plenty of space to run around and have fun.  If it’s windy why not take a kite along and see how high you can make it fly!

Pop wellies on and go splash in the waves, build a sandcastle or bring the dog along for a simple family walk.  Whatever you love to do at the beach as a family, lets do it!

autumn photo session visit the beach


Visit the farm 

Have you visited Swansea community farm yet?

It’s the only city farm in Wales and is a great place to go with the children, and would make a great location for some documentary family photos this autumn.  There are various animals to see, lots of little paths for little feet to run down and even a cafe area for a drink and a snack afterwards.


Explore the marina

Swansea marina is a great place to go for a family walk as part of a documentary photo session.

Make the most of the crisp autumn days and go for a wander to check out the boats.  You can also pop over to Swansea bay beach from the marina, walk down to cross the sail bridge, or have a little play in the marina park right by west pier.


Head to the woods

Take the children on a nature walk through Clyne woods and see what autumnal treasures you can find.

Documentary photo sessions in Swansea with me aren’t about the family looking picture-perfect.  They’re about telling your story.  So if your children love to put their wellies on and stomp through the woods, getting mucky and muddy then, brilliant, lets do that!

autumn photo session walk in the woods


Play in the park 

I remember when I was a child there was a play park in my village that had a helicopter-shaped climbing frame.  I’m not sure if it’s still there, and I don’t think there are any photos of me playing on it, but it’s there in my childhood memories.

Going to the park is such a big part of life for most people with young children, so why not go to your children’s favourite for your photo session.  Whether it’s Cwmdonkin or Brynmill Park, or the little one by Park View terrace in Sketty, let me document this part of your family’s story.  Before the play equipment changes, or the children get too old and it just becomes a fading part of your memories.

autumn photo session play at the park


Feed the ducks 

This time of year the ducks in Brynmill Park will be very happy to have visitors come along with food for them.

Feeding the ducks is another classic childhood activity, one that I remember from when I was little and that I’ve done a lot with my own children over the last 7 years.  It’s a really lovely thing to do as part of your family photo session and is a great part of your story to document and enjoy looking back on when the children are older.



Hopefully this post has given you all sorts of ideas for the sorts of activities you can plan for your own family documentary photo session in Swansea.  If you’re still a bit unsure about what a session with me would be like then you can read more about my Parenthood sessions here.

If this sounds like the type of photos you’d like, to record this part of your family’s story, then get in touch now and we’ll have a chat to start planning your session.


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