At home newborn family lifestyle photo session Swansea

Arnold family – At home newborn portrait session

The newborn days.

They’re a time unlike any other.  Where time itself behaves in the strangest of ways.  The days and nights stretch on endlessly, but at the same time pass in a blur of milk and nappies and eternal cuddles.

Those early days and weeks are where you start to establish your new family dynamic and it’s such an amazing time to have photos taken.

A while ago the Arnold family welcomed me in to their home to capture this time for them, as they added another baby boy to their family.

Arnold family - at home newborn photo session Swansea


I’ve known the family for years now and have absolutely loved photographing them at different stages, from Kim’s first pregnancy, to when their oldest was just a toddler to these busy days with the latest arrival.

I should admit that this little one is really not so little anymore.  I’m really late in sharing these pictures!

Newborn documentary lifestyle photo session Swansea


I spent about an hour with the family and we didn’t do anything at all in that time.

There were no special activities planned, I don’t think we even left the lounge at all.  It was just an hour of cuddles and feeds and the sort of family time that you spend while you’re in that newborn bubble.

Here are some of my favourite moments from the session.

Newborn baby documentary lifestyle session Swansea


At home lifestyle documentary newborn session Swansea


At home newborn lifestyle documentary session Swansea


I know that one of the big reasons that people are hesitant to book a session like this is that they don’t think their family is interesting enough.

There’s this fear that our everyday life somehow isn’t worthy of photographing.

We think we need to dress up.  To pose.  To put our babies in baskets and place them in magical scenes.

But honestly, there is so much magic in your everyday life.

These normal, day to day moments will be gone one day, as your babies grow and you move onto the next phase.  And while it might not feel like it at the time, you’ll miss these times of round-the-clock feeding and rocking and holding your baby.


Please don’t hold back from booking a session because you don’t think your life is interesting enough.  

Your life is just that, your life.

And it is beautiful and it is magical, in all its routine and normality.

I would love the chance to photograph it for you to show just how beautiful it is.



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