Can I do some painting?

“Can I do some painting?”

A question I was asked a couple of times last week by Nerys.  I kept her home from school on Tuesday with a nasty cough and then we spent our afternoons for the rest of the week in the house, with me trying to get her to rest a bit.

On Friday though I relented and pulled the box of paints and paintbrushes down from its home on top of the fridge.  I thought as activities go, painting is a pretty calm one and not too taxing for a slightly under the weather Nerys.

Swansea family documentary photography painting at home Sketty

I know some parents feel quite tense when their little ones want to paint at home.  Probably because of the potential for paint splattered clothes and murky paint water spillages.  I love it though.  While it can feel a bit of a hassle initially, clearing space on the kitchen table and pulling down all the bits and pieces we need, I really enjoy watching my children paint.

Swansea family documentary photography painting at home Sketty 002

Whether she’s painting an actual picture of flowers, or just exploring colours like she did on Friday, Nerys is so careful and deliberate when she paints.

What I hadn’t even realised until I looked back through these photos is that she was twirling her hair as she painted.  Something about that action just makes it seem like she was just completely caught up in her little world of painting.

I don’t think she realised she was doing it either.

Swansea family documentary photography painting at home

She must have happily painted for about 45 minutes before deciding she’d had enough.

She painted, and twirled her hair.  I pottered around the kitchen, cleaning and tidying.

And I took these photos.  Documented this everyday activity, so easy to overlook because it’s such a normal, everyday thing for us to do.  But that’s exactly why I wanted to document it.  Because this is us, this is Nerys as she is right now.  Before I know it she’ll be past the stage of painting at the kitchen table.  The little pots of paints will dry up and be discarded.  And these days will just be a memory, thought of fondly and wistfully.

So while these days are here, I will record them.  For me and for her.


The Ordinary Moments

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