June 2019 – 10 on 10

The year is just flying by isn’t it.

I have to make a note in my diary each month to make sure I remember to take these photos on the 10th, otherwise I know the weeks would pass in a blur and I’d forget all about it.

That’s the thing with life.  We’re so caught up in the day to day living of it, that we don’t always slow down enough to really see the beauty of it.  All those little moments that make up our lives, that seem so mundane while we’re living them.  They’ll all change one day.  And we’ll look back with that funny little ache in our hearts, remembering how it felt to hold our children’s little hands in ours.  To hear their voices call for us in the mornings.

I’m so grateful for projects like this that force me to stop and take stock of all these little moments while I’m still in them.


So, here are 10 of those moments from June.









Life on the 10th June brought us:

  • A bleary-eyed start to the school day
  • The usual school morning routine – brushing teeth, grabbing bags, driving to school
  • Stopping to admire the roses in bloom by the car park
  • Playing in the woods after school
  • Making it home in time before the weather changed and the rain closed in
  • Cuddles and stories before bed


On a standard school day like this it can be hard to see 10 different moments that seem photo-worthy.

We have the usual morning routine, then I’m home by myself until it’s time for the usual afternoon school pick up and routine.  But that’s where the beauty is.  Those little routine moments won’t be our routine in a few years time.

When the children are a few years older we won’t drive this old familiar route to school.  We won’t play in the woods in the afternoons.  Their backpacks won’t look comically big on their backs.


I really love how this 10 on 10 project is narrowing my focus.  Getting me to think and to see these moments that are so much a part of life right now that they almost pass me by.


What part of your routine and daily life will change in a few months or years?  What little moments do you think you’ll miss when they’re not part of your routine any more?



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