Mattu family – Beloved photo session, Clyne Gardens, Swansea

Have you been to Clyne Gardens recently?  If you’re in Swansea you should head there for a walk as soon as  you get the chance, it’s just alive at the moment!

I met up with the Mattu family there a few weeks ago and we spent a lovely couple of hours wandering round, venturing down windy paths and discovering all the little bridges that are dotted around.  The plan for their photo session was to get some natural photos of them just being themselves, and to then have some fun with some Beloved games and invites.

I find that this approach to a Beloved session works wonderfully; everyone has a chance to relax and get used to the camera, and then we get some lovely moments with the Beloved invites!  And when I say everyone has a chance to relax, I’m including myself this time because I was submitting images from this session for my assessment at the end of my Beloved training!

So, onto the photos!  There are quite a few from this session, I just love them so much I wanted to share them all!

In case I had you in suspense while looking through all those, yes, I did successfully complete the course with these photos!  So thank you very much to the Mattu family for being such fantastic muses!

If you’d like to discuss booking a session then I’d love to hear from you!  You can get in touch with me here.

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