My baby girl is two

Two.  My baby girl is two.

How did that happen?  Where did the time go?

All of sudden she’s turned into this big, chatty, curious, charming girl.

A tall bundle of smiles and shyness and questions, questions, questions.

I get asked 100 times a day “Mummy, what you doing?” and 101 times “why?”.

She’s my shadow, my echo, my wonderful companion.  When Rhys is as school and Daddy’s at work it’s just us.  And she is lovely company.  She is my helper at the supermarket.  She is learning all the time through play with stickers, and dolls, and building megablock houses after a tug on my hand and a shout of “lets play me!”

She is feisty and stubborn and extremely independent.  “Me do it” has been a favourite expression for months now.  Yet she is still cautious; checking in to make sure I’m nearby when we’re out anywhere.  Studying my expression to make sure any new visitors to the house are ok to talk to.

She is loving.  So, so loving.  And, like her brother, she gives big hugs and, after making sure her nose is clean, big kisses.  There’s nothing quite like hearing your children say “love do too, Mummy”.

My baby girl.  Not such a baby any more!

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