Photography tip of the week – freeze the action

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that kids are fast.  From the moment they start crawling they’re off, across the room faster than you can say “oh God we need to baby-proof”.

What you might find is that the photos you take of your speedy little things end up just being, quite literally, a bit of a blur.

Which leads me to my photography tip of the week – freeze the action!

This tip requires you to take a small leap of faith and take your camera off ‘auto’ mode.  But it’s ok, we’re not jumping far; just to the ‘sports’ mode.

On most cameras this mode is represented by a running man figure.

The most important factor in freezing motion in photos is the camera’s shutter speed.  With a fast shutter speed the movement will be frozen and you’ll get nice, sharp images.  If you have a slower shutter speed you get motion blur in the photos.

When you select the sports mode on your camera it automatically sets a faster shutter speed for you, meaning you’ll be more likely to be able to capture your kids when they run around like crazy!

If you want to take a bit more control of your camera you can try the shutter priority mode which lets you adjust the shutter speed for yourself and then the camera adjusts the aperture for you to maintain good exposure in the photos.

Give it a go!  Next time you’re at the park and your children are running about, get your camera into sports mode and see what difference it makes to your photos!

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