Swansea small business series – Cheryl Bendle, Oasis alternative therapies

To celebrate the introduction of my ‘You, actually’ solo portrait sessions (which are perfect for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to have gorgeous photos of themselves for their websites and social media pages) I’m starting a new blog series all about other small business owners in Swansea and South Wales.

I love supporting local businesses and especially love the personal touch you get from small businesses and one-man-shows, there’s just a different vibe than the one you get from big businesses, don’t you think?

So to kick off this series, I am very happy to introduce Cheryl Bendle who runs Oasis alternative therapies on Brunswick street in Swansea.  

I’ve know Cheryl for about six months now, and she is genuinely one of the nicest, friendliest people I know.  She always has a smile on her face and is just brilliant at making other people smile along with her!

When I asked her to introduce herself she told me “I’m a little bit quirky, overly enthusiastic about everything and I love the colour turquoise”.

Yep, sounds about right to me!  I love how her photos captured her personality so perfectly, there’s nothing shy and retiring about Cheryl!

She’s been a massage therapist for over 9 years now, and has been running her Relaxation Retreat in Swansea since July 2014.  Her boutique therapy centre is in the middle of town and is a gorgeous little oasis of calm, all decked out in her signature turquoise of course!

When you arrive at the Relaxation Retreat Cheryl greets you with a great big smile and a lovely warm welcome, but don’t let the laughs deceive you, she takes her work very seriously!  In fact she goes so far as to describe herself as a “massage-a-holic”!
You can read all about the fab treatments she offers over on her website – www.oasisalternative.co.uk – but to give you a taste, here are some of the things she offers:

  • Swedish massage
  • Reflexology
  • Hot stones massage

Cheryl also specialises in treatments that are safe (and a real treat!) during pregnancy, like mum-to-be reflexology and mum-to-be massage.

She has this to say about treatments for pregnant women:

“Mum-to-be massages are one of my favourites and one of the most popular treatments they choose. It’s such a special time to be a part of and the mums are always so receptive to massage as they get a chance to unwind and have some natural pain relief from their increasingly achy muscles, backs and swollen hands and feet. And a relaxed and happy mum is always great environment for the baby too.

When clients are pregnant there are so many things they can’t do throughout the 9 months that they normally would, being able to have a massage gives them a sense of normality and comfort at least.

Massage is suitable from the second trimester of pregnancy and is enjoyed regularly throughout the whole pregnancy. Clients should always check their therapist is “Pregnancy Massage” qualified to ensure safety throughout treatments.”

Stay tuned for future posts about the amazing benefits of massage and reflexology during pregnancy.  There are so many benefits, I really wish I’d taken some time out for myself when I was pregnant (especially the second time around) to have a few treatments.

So, back to the girl behind Oasis alternative therapies.
To get to know her a bit more I asked her a few quick-fire questions, and here are her responses:

Big night out or cosy night in? Cosy night in… a bar with Prosecco!

Favourite quote? “When it rains, look for rainbows, when its dark, look for stars”

Tea or coffee? Coffee… lots of.

All time favourite film? Gladiator

Cake or biscuits? Cake… lots of.

Favourite thing about Swansea? My family & friends, my business and all my memories.

In the mood for a spot of pampering after reading this?  Here are all of Cheryl’s contact details!

Website:  http://www.oasisalternative.co.uk/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/OasisTherapies

Twitter: twitter.com/oasisswansea

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