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The long walk home

Last week Nerys asked if we could walk home when I picked her up from school at lunchtime, instead of going in the car.

So on Friday I walked to meet her.  It took me just over twenty minutes to get from home to the school.

It then took us over two hours to walk home again.

We got off to a slow start because she came out of school clutching a biscuit she had decorated in school as part of their children in need activities.  So we had to stop for a minute or two while she tucked in, because she couldn’t push her baby’s buggy and eat at the same time.

swansea child eating spotty decorated biscuit

After a few minutes though we did get moving.  And for a little while we actually went quite fast as Nerys rushed to try and put some distance between us and a dog walker coming along the path behind us.

swansea child pushing toy buggy

That burst of speed walking though meant that we had to stop soon after to refuel with a few Pom Bear crisps.

Sketty swansea family documentary photography 3

It took a while but we eventually made it to the little park on Park View Terrace in Sketty.  It’s a tiny park really, but perfectly located just behind the shops in Sketty to I can let Nerys play for a bit then head to the shops for a few bits and pieces before heading on home.

child climbing in park in sketty swansea

child playing in park in sketty swansea

swansea family documentary photography sketty 2

Some days we follow this routine and I manage to hurry Nerys out of the park relatively quickly.

Friday though was a day of negotiations.

One more go on the see saw.  Five more pushes on the swing.  One last balance.

Sketty swansea family documentary photography 4

By the time I eventually got her out the gate she told me she needed the toilet.

So our walk home included a detour via the botanical gardens in Singleton park to find a toilet.

child pushing toy buggy singleton park swansea

Of course while we were there we had to pop into the temperate house to see the fish.  Well it would be rude not to wouldn’t it!

By the time we got home that day we had just about enough time to sit down and have something for lunch before we had to head back out to pick Rhys up from school.

We took the car for that trip.

Some days I rush through, hurrying home from school so I can get on with lunch and jobs and household chores.  Other days though I love to slow down.  To go at Nerys’ pace.  To savour these little moments with her.

These everyday activities like this walk home from school, these little stories of our lives, are so normal, so routine that we don’t always stop and appreciate them for what they are.

But these are the moments that I will miss so much when they’re gone.

These are the little stories of my life that I want to record, to hold on to, to be able to look back on in years to come when my children are grown up and creating their own stories.

This for me is what documentary photography is all about.  

Documenting our lives.  Because they are beautiful in all their ordinariness.  I would love to help you document your life too.

Whatever stage of your parenthood journey you’re at, there’s a story to tell.  Get in touch to have a chat, and to book your parenthood session.


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