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Amber and family – a wild and windy graduation day photo session

The summer of 2018 was gorgeous wasn’t it?

Back in July we’d had a run of warm, sunny weather here in Swansea.  Then one day towards the end of the month I woke up to dark grey, rainy skies and wild winds.  Of course, this was the day that hundreds of students from Swansea University would be graduating at the Bay campus.

I was due to head to the campus to meet Amber and her family to take some family portraits as they celebrated her success.

The forecast for the day really didn’t look good but we decided to go for it anyway, and we were all thrilled that we did.

Amber and family graduation day photos swansea


About half an hour after the graduation ceremony there was a break in the weather.

The rain stopped and everything brightened up, and we dashed across campus to the open space by the beach.  There may have been a few minutes of confusion as we lost Amber’s mum for a bit, but we all made it to the seafront together in the end!


Swansea bay campus family lifestyle photography black and white


We got some gorgeous portraits of Amber in her graduation cap and gown with her mum and her partner.

Whilst it was dry the weather was still pretty wild and windy, and you can see that in the photos, which I actually really love.  There’s a slight wildness to the pictures that tells the story of the day so perfectly.


Relaxed graduation photos Swansea bay


I always think that photos should take you right back to the moment they were taken.

They should spark those memories of what things were like that day, and hopefully these photos will do that for Amber.

In years to come she can look at these photos with her family and remember what a wet and wild day it was when she graduated.  How her cap kept nearly flying off and her gorgeously styled hair was blown every which way (yet somehow she still looked amazing!).

She’ll remember how her sons were there to celebrate with her.  How brilliant they were at actually sitting still long enough for me to grab these individual portraits, before wanting to be off playing around again.


Swansea bay campus family lifestyle photography


Family lifestyle photo session swansea bay campus


Swansea bay campus family lifestyle photographer


Family lifestyle photographer Swansea bay black and white


That’s why we do this isn’t it.  Why we take the time to take photos or book a professional portrait session.

We do it to capture our lives.

To freeze those moments that mean so much to us.

To record the way things are, right now.

To give ourselves a way back to these times, these feelings, once they’re gone.

Relaxed family photos Swansea bay


What is about your life right now that you want to remember?


Fancy a fun and relaxed photo session in Swansea for you and your family?  Get in touch now and we’ll have a chat about the perfect session to tell your story!


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