Personal branding photography is still a pretty new thing, so you might not really know what it’s all about.

What you do know though, is that you need photos for your business.

You know that you need to be showing more of yourself to your clients and customers, and you need to be visible on social media.


The thing is, finding the right photos for your business can be really stressful and end up taking up loads of your time.  Time that you could be spending on so many other things, in your business and your life in general.


A personal branding photograph session will take all that stress away, and save you so much time in the long run.

You’ll walk away with a whole bank of photos that you can use all over your website and social media channels.  You won’t have to worry about finding a photo to share on Instagram, just pick from your very own set of personalised, on-brand images from your session.


When you first get in touch and we start chatting about your personal brand photography session in Swansea, we’ll discuss what stories you want to tell in your photos.

These are the things you talk about on your social media channels.

So let’s say you’re a yoga teacher.

Your stories might include teaching yoga (obviously!), the fact that you’re a parent and that you cook and eat cleanly.  So your photo session would be built around these things, giving you photos featuring you doing yoga, props related to yoga, close ups of you in different yoga poses, spending time with your children, preparing fresh food in your kitchen and enjoying delicious fresh juices.

All these different photos mean you’ll never worry about what to share on social media, and your feed will look cohesive but won’t be the same types of images over and over again.


Sound good?


If you’re still not sure of what to expect, here are some examples of some of the types of photos you could have for your business.


Relaxed headshots and environmental portraits

Perfect for your ‘about me’ page.

If people do business with YOU then you absolutely need to have a photo of yourself on your ‘about’ page.

These kinds of headshots and environmental portraits can also be used all over your social media channels to let people get to know you.


Family photos

If part of your business story is that you’re a parent, then we can do some family portraits or document you doing a few different activities with your children.

You can include a pet too if they’re part of your story.


Personalised stock quote images

Quote images are always popular on social media, and it can be a lot of fun to include postcards or prints with quotes on them in a personal branding photo session.

I have a few that can be used, or we can source some together before your session to find quotes that really fit your brand.


Product photography

Product photography isn’t just for product-based businesses.  If you do have a physical product then, amazing, we’ll include it in your session.  If not then it’s still a great idea to get some photos of things like your favourite drink, products you can’t live without, business essentials like your laptop or phone.


The types of photos we’ll take at your session will all depend on the stories you want to tell about you and your business.

We’ll take some time before the session to chat about your plans for what you want to share on social media over the next few months, and build the shoot around those plans.

You’ll generally get a great mix of headshots, portraits, close up detail shots, and behind the scenes photos to tell your brand story and fit in with the written content you want to put out for your business.


How the sessions work

When you first get in touch to arrange your personal branding session I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill in so that I can get to know you  and your business.

We’ll chat via email about locations, date and times and the types of photos you want to get out of your session.  In these emails we’ll also plan out what stories and themes you’d like to include in your session (I can help you think of ideas if you’re not sure what would work for your business).  Together we’ll come up with a shot list for your session and I can help you think about what you might like to wear and props you might like to bring to the session.

On the day of your session we’ll work our way through the list of photos you’d like to get, and have some fun playing around with other ideas too as inspiration strikes.

After the session I’ll go through and edit your images to make them look their absolute best and then send them over to you within 2-3 weeks.

You’re then free to use the images however you like, as much as you like, on your website, your social media channels, in your email newsletters and so on.


Just the headshots

If all you’re after is a few headshots and environmental portraits, maybe for your profile picture online and your about page on your website, then this is for you.

  • Pre-session questionnaire
  • 30 minute, on-location photo session
  • 3 digital images (you choose the ones you’d like from a gallery of images from your session)
  • £120


Package 1

For a whole month’s worth of images to use in your business, this package includes:

  • Pre-session questionnaire
  • Support and advice before your session to plan everything out
  • 1 hour, on-location photo session
  • 30 digital images (enough for you to post on social media every day for a month) – these will be a mix of headshots, portraits, behind the scenes photos, and personalised stock images
  • £450


Package 2

To keep you going for 3 months, this package includes:

  • Pre-session questionnaire
  • Support and advice before your session to plan everything out
  • 3 hour, on-location photo session
  • 90 digital images (enough for you to post on social media every day for 3 months) – these will be a mix of headshots, portraits, behind the scenes photos, and personalised stock images
  • £750


Our businesses and creative ventures are all as individual as we are, so if none of these packages are quite what you’re looking for then get in touch and tell me what you’re after and I can tailor a package for you.

Personal branding photography is just that, personal.

Let me get to know you and your business and we can plan a session that gives you photos that feel totally YOU.


Ready to chat?  Get in touch now!