Collide like planets

I was having a wander round the web the other day, looking at the gorgeous images various Beloved photographers are creating, and I came across Susi Seitz’s website.  That’s where I discovered this quote; at the top of a page of wonderful, emotive images were these words.  I must have read it three times over I loved it so much.   
It just describes falling in love so perfectly to me.  I keep reading it and can’t quite find the words to explain why I find it so beautiful!

I think it’s that it brings back all the emotions I felt when I first fell in love with my husband.  The fear of letting myself truly fall, the common sense that was telling me it was too soon to be in love with him.  And the exhilarating joy of feeling it anyway and realising he felt the same way!

I want to pass this on to my children.  I want them to grow up open to love and to go all in when it finds them.

“So take a deep breath, take a step forward, now run, collide like planets in the system of a dying sun, embrace each other with both arms and let all the rules, the opinions and common sense crash down around you”


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