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How many hats do you wear as a small business owner or entrepreneur?

Not literal hats of course, unless you’ve managed to forge a career as a professional freelance hat wearer (in which case I need details, please).

I’m talking about the metaphorical hats that you need to wear when you work for yourself.  Take blogging for example.  You might think that would just be about writing great blog posts.  But there are so many other elements involved if you want to make it your job.  You have to be a photographer, a writer, a social media expert, a graphic designer, a PR expert, and so many other things.

Whatever your business is, there will most likely come a point when you need some help to get everything done.  Or a fresh pair of eyes to look over everything and help you figure out how to move your business forward.

That’s where Oasis business support comes in.

They’re a Swansea based business who offer a huge range of services to help entrepreneurs and small business owners save time, make changes, and grow.  The brains behind all this is Heidi, a good friend of mine who, lucky for me, wanted some personal brand photos to use on her website and social media pages.


Heidi mainly wanted lifestyle portraits of her at work, and some relaxed headshots, and had the brilliant idea of heading to The Hive co-working space to take them.

The Hive is tucked away in the Uplands, Swansea and is a bit of a hidden gem for anyone looking for a place to work that’s not their living room or a coffee shop.  The atmosphere there was really welcoming and the decor was just perfect for what Heidi wanted from her personal brand photos.

We took some photos of Heidi working on her phone and her laptop in the open-plan area downstairs at The Hive, and some at the tables outside too.

Now, I’m well aware that you might feel a bit silly pretending to work or talk on the phone for photos, but my advice is to sort of lean into the silliness of it.

Those laughs and smiles that come when you acknowledge that it is quite silly to act as if you’re on the phone produce some really lovely, natural looking photos.

And I tend to keep chatting away anyway, asking questions, generally nattering nonsense while I shoot, which makes the whole process more relaxed and much easier for the person in front of the camera.



To go with these ‘at work’ photos we also took some relaxed portraits and head shots for Heidi to use on her website and on social media.

There was a lovely leather sofa in the window at The Hive that was perfect for these informal shots of Heidi relaxing with a cup of tea.  I love how Heidi chose to keep things quite simple for her session, and decided to just have a couple of props to use.  I think all we used was her phone, laptop and this cream mug.

This simplicity is spot on for her business, which is all about making life more simple for other business owners.


If you’re thinking of having a personal branding photography session with me in Swansea, then one of the things we’ll talk about is what props you might like to use and include in your photos.  For some businesses having lots of bright and funky props and accessories to play around with would work perfectly.

Other times, like with Oasis business support, it’s better to keep things clean and simple.

These are the kinds of things I’ll ask you about when we first start planning a session, to really make sure that your personal branding photos capture you, your personality and your brand.


If you’d like to find out more about Oasis business support and what they can do for you and your business then you can find them at www.oasis-support.co.uk.

Interested in getting some personal brand photographs for your business?  I’d love to hear from you, so please do get in touch and tell me a bit about yourself and the sort of photos you’re interested in.


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