10 (more) things you might not know about me

I’ve been running this business for a good few years now, so it’s been quite a while since I really introduced myself.

A while ago I wrote a post with 10 random facts about me, that you may or may not have read at the time.  Looking back at it though, it’s quite a basic getting-to-know-you type post.  I wanted to share a few more little bits of information about who I am and what I love to help you get to know me even more.

So, whether this is the first time we’re meeting or you’ve known me for a while, here are 10 more things that you might not know about me.

10 things you might not know about me


1. I love coffee, and drink several cups a day.  But I go off the taste of it when I’m ill.  At times like that only tea will do.


2. I write a blog.  It’s a family lifestyle blog called this glorious life and I write about parenting, family life, psychology and photography.


3. I love the smell of rain on a hot pavement, and that of freshly cut grass.  I think my favourite smell though is the one that comes from the tumble dryers at launderettes.


4. I can curl my lip like Elvis, but I can’t roll my tongue.  One of my children can roll their tongue and the other can’t.  I’m actually not sure about their lip-curling abilities.


5. I used to be really shy as a child, but having children of my own has forced me out of my shell loads.  I’m still an introvert at heart though.  I really crave time to myself and love just staying in at home.


6. I still have the teddy bear that was given to me the day I was born.  He is very imaginatively called ‘brown ted’.


7. When I was 10 I fractured my wrist and now it hurts when it’s going to rain.  One summer I was working in a pub back in Kent and looking out the windows it seemed to be a bright, sunny day.  My wrist started hurting so I told a few people that it was going to rain, and they all thought I was mad.  I still remember the looks on their faces when it clouded over and started to pour with rain 5 minutes later!


8. I resisted watching Game of Thrones for years, then binge-watched almost the whole thing to catch up.  Now I can’t wait to see how the whole thing is going to end.


9. I love looking at the little details in old photos.  The things that we might think of as mess and clutter at the time, these are things that bring the memories back when we’re older.  The posters and photos all over the walls of my teenage bedroom.  The jumperoo and babygym filling up the living room when my children were babies.  The random notes and magnets all over my parents’ fridge.  These are the details of life that I love in pictures.


10. One of my favourite films is ‘About Time’.  I love everything about it.  The casting is perfect, the soundtrack is beautiful and the story is just wonderful.


So, there you go.  10 little things that you might not have known about me before.

If I sound like someone you would get on with, and you’d like me to come along and photograph your family’s story for you, please do get in touch to say hi and discuss booking a parenthood session.


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