Your everyday life is anything but boring

When you’re thinking about booking a photo session for your family you have a few options.

You can go to a studio and get some beautiful photos of what you all look like.  Or you can book a lifestyle/documentary session and get photos of what your life looks like.  The fear with the second option though, is that your everyday life isn’t interesting enough.  You worry that your regular routines of hanging out at home and playing at the park are too boring to include in a photo session.

So let me help you put that fear to rest.   


Your everyday life with all its mundane routines and perfect imperfections is anything but boring.

It’s beautiful.

It’s magical.

It’s full of love and laughter and tears and all those other things that make life what it is.


I know that it can seem that your life isn’t all that exciting or photo-worthy when you take a quick glance at it.

But trust me, when you stop and really look around there is so much in your day to day life that is absolutely worthy of photographing.  Your Saturday morning trip to the park might be such a standard part of your family’s routine that it doesn’t seem like something you need to document with photographs.

There are so many parts of this routine that are worth capturing though.

All the little things you do on autopilot.

Strapping your toddler into their car-seat or the buggy.  Little hands opening up the gate into the park.  The view from behind the swings as you push them higher and higher.  The look of uncertainty on your child’s face as they think about sliding down the fireman’s pole.  Little feet disappearing out of sight as they climb up to the slide.

These things are so much a part of your life right now that maybe you can’t see how magical they really are.

But trust me, these are the things you’ll miss one day.  You’ll look back and realise how far from boring this routine was.  How beautiful is was to be there, to watch your children play, and explore, and learn.


My children are 8 and 5 now, so we’re well out of the toddler years with them.

It’s funny though, that now I look back at when they were younger I can see all these little things that were so routine back then that I wish I had thought to capture.  And, luckily, so many other details and moments that I did record.

But when I take a quick glance around at our life as it is right now, with its school day routine and now-familiar new rhythms, it can seem a bit boring.

Then I take a bit of time.  I stop and think about the details that make our life as it is right now.  The things that will change and disappear with time.

And then I see it.

The beauty.  The magic.

It’s in the filthy fingernails at the end of a long day at school.  It’s in the wildness of afterschool playtime in the woods.  It’s in the quietness of reading together before bed.


The tricky thing with life is that when you’re caught up in it you can’t always see the beauty in it.

When you do the same things day in day out it feels like life will always be this way.  You don’t realise how the rhythms and routines of your family life will change until one day you look around and realise everything is different.

All of a sudden your baby is a toddler.  Then you blink and they’re heading off to school.

The landscape of your life has changed and it’s quite often only then that you appreciate how much beauty there was in the stage that you’ve now moved on from.


So please, if you think your family life is too boring for a documentary family photo session, think again.

Look around at your life.  Look at the details that make it what it is.  Think about all those little things that will shift and change over the next few years.

Those are the memories you’ll want to hold on to.

Those details are absolutely worth photographing, because they’re the things that will take you right back in time to this moment when you look back on them.

This is what your life looks like right now and it is beautiful.

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