July 2019 – 10 on 10

At bedtime the other day Rhys asked me, seemingly randomly, what the date was.

Turns out he wanted to know if it was the 10th the next day so that he could be ready to let me take his photo for this project in the morning.  See, last month I took a photo of Nerys when she’d just woken up to kick off the 10 on 10 project for June.

Rhys was a bit put out that I’d taken this picture of her, and not of him.  So he’d been waiting all month for the 10th to come round again so I could get a shot of him in bed, first thing in the morning, too.

So that’s the photo that I started the day with this month; and here it is along with the others:


Life on the 10th July brought us:

  • Almost-end-of-term tiredness in the mornings
  • Lunchboxes packed up ready for school
  • Warm weather perfect for getting the washing on the line to dry
  • Time to hang out with friends in the yard and the woods after school
  • Ice lolly treats after dinner


Something about the end of the school year has really got me this year.

I think it’s because a few of my friends have got children leaving primary school this year and it’s made me so aware of how quickly the time passes.  All of a sudden those primary school days are over, and with them go all of the routines that have been the rhythm of life for so many years.

I’ve still got a few more years yet before I have to get my head around my own children moving on to secondary school but it still makes my heart ache a bit when I think about them moving up another year in September.

How do you feel about the school year coming to an end?

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